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A3 Remote patient monitoring solution space being in reality is a ‘mosaic’ of finely crafted targeted solutions. This finely crafting and positioning of solutions is a direct result of A3’s field experience and engaging the best in class medical professionals. All the solutions share a set of path-breaking characteristics which differentiate A3’s solutions, internationally.

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  • A disruptive price point
  • Integrity and precision of the medical information presented
  • Sensitivity of the measurements
  • Reliable operation in spite of unreliable external infrastructure like unreliable communication networks, unreliable power, low skills availability, bad road conditions not conducive to proper monitoring of ambulatory patients
  • Fast turn-around times for high through-put which is very critical in health camps
  • Sophisticated real time like operation over low bandwidth 2G networks
  • Enough advanced alert mechanisms for even low-skill operators
    to alert them to conditions of patients in emergency
    situations which enable timely intervention e.g Golden hour to save lives
  • Ability to capture ECG even in course of long bumpy ambulance journeys, ability to detect sensitive aspects of ECGs
  • Additional vital parameters like Blood Pressure, SpO2, Body temp., Resp. Rate, Pulse Rate etc.
  • Additionally it does a variety of other medical paramters like Fetal Doppler, Digital Stethoscope, Blood Test, Radiology Records etc.
  • A high degree of customizability
  • A wireless network and handheld device agnostic operation
  • Innovative commercial models which enable even a NGO with stretched resources to use world-class solutions
  • India’s first solar power based wireless remote patient monitoring station 

A3’s solutions have been tested, proven and deployed in a variety of critical scenarios.

  • HUB & SPOKE MODEL: Hospital (Hub) connected with health care centers, PHC, Nursing Homes & General Practitioner (Spokes)
  • HOSPITAL WARD: Patient is not very serious to be put in ICCU, but serious enough to be monitored continuously in Non-ICCU ward
  • NGO & CSR Activity : Remote patient management in rural areas
  • PATIENT AT HOME: Patient at home monitored continuously
  • ALC (Assisted Living Communities): For senior citizen homes
  • AMBULANCE: For patients in ambulance
  • HEALTH CAMPS : Organized by Corporate Clients, Large Hospitals, NGOs and Insurance companies
  • Medical Tourism (Medical process outsourcing): Connecting to patients abroad through A3 technologies
  • “911” style emergency services - Trauma Management, Disaster Management etc.
  • Remote patient monitoring teleservices
  • Emergency medical service centres: Defense, Hotels, Corporate wellness centers, Airports, Railway stations, Malls etc.
  • Veterinary Application
  • and many more

The core simplified concept: Digital Data from any device that is connected to the patient can be monitored remotely. The device is connected to A3.CritiView , through wire or wireless connection. A3.CritiView transmits data through public mobile network to the A3 server. A3 server not only stores the data, but also continuously analyzes the same using advanced algorithms for any abnormal condition, local as well as long term. Doctor can look at the data remotely on mobile or desktop. Thus doctor is able to monitor and manage the patient remotely, whenever and wherever. Doctor is ably supported by the advanced algorithms that can monitor patients continuously, 24 X 7.

By a careful strategy, A3 has invested in and architected and built patient side devices, server and mobile phone based platform with large software layers (but no additional software needed on phone) whereby the software modules and sensors to service other diseases can be integrated with ease and the solution portfolio can be expanded enabling rapid growth of A3’s business.

This “Lego” type approach where different modules can be combined with their modular components enables A3 to quickly come up with innovative combinations to address difficult medical scenarios. For example, the wireless remote monitoring capabilities can be easily extended to new application areas. A3’s architecture and modular approach allows for easy evolution and scalability of its solutions.

A3 has several technologies and inventions (to be converted into products and features and being patented) which are in pipeline: e.g. mathematical algorithms for detecting subtle long term developing trends: this technology has a substantial life saving potential, more advanced diagnostic algorithms which can work on low priced platforms. Large IP that the company has developed with its own resources and will continue to develop is being patented. To further augment the R&D pipeline, efforts are underway to cultivate collaborative partnerships and engagements with premier research institutes and professionals globally.

The company has made significant progress in developing a wireless solution for an advanced wearable cardiac rhythm management solution that will offer low cost, high yield clinical data for a large population experiencing plethora of cardiac symptomatic and asymptomatic problems that need monitoring and diagnostics.

The A3.CritiView Series patient side units capture vital medical parameters and high quality 12 lead diagnostic quality ECG and transmit it wirelessly over any cellular networks. The unit is coupled with remote A3.CritiServe, server which offers additional diagnostics and visualization tools for faster and more accurate ECG interpretation. The A3.CritiView Series offers the following features (a selection of features):

  • Wireless transmission of other medical parameters along with 12-lead ECG with patient picture and additional comments related to patients condition and vitals straight to a doctor’s mobile phones anywhere in the world
  • Simultaneous 12 Lead High Resolution Diagnostic ECG Display Monitor
  • Built on a highly reliable platform designed for difficult infra-structure conditions
  • Precision of measurement and rendering
  •    - High speed operation designed for large volume of measurements
       - Expandability for acquisition of other vital parameters
  • 12 lead ECG printout on any A4 size paper
  • Emailing of 12 lead ECG and a host of innovative unique features
  • Local Storing of Patient Data
  • Mains and Battery operated
  • Battery Capacity: up to 6 hrs of normal use
  • Solar Powered (Optional)
  • Lightweight and highly durable equipment construction
  • Upgradability of A3.CritiView with add–on-modules such as A3.Criti.360, A3.Criti.Stream, A3.Criti.Confer and more.

We are currently offering 2 models in this series:



This model provides all the above capabilities with a compact 10” LCD display.


This model provides all the above capabilities on a 14” LCD display. It has been designed for environments where the medical professional need a faster operation, larger displays and need to store a vast number of medical records in the patient side unit. In addition to providing simultaneous display of 12 lead ECG, it also simultaneously displays approximately 6 sec long lead II rhythm strip on the same screen.


A3.CritiView.Wearable will offer solutions for Cardiac Rhythm Management of mobile as well as stationary patients. At the most basic level, series will provide “Holter-Type” 24-48 hr continuous monitoring solution for symptomatic arrhythmias and will also have an advanced real time continuous monitoring solution for detecting asymptomatic arrhythmic events.


A3.Criti.Serve is our multi-purpose and feature-rich server which provides the remote monitoring service in conjunction with all the A3.CritiView patient side units. It is a “thick” software package which can be installed on a private cloud server which can be created by A3 for the customer in an inexpensive manner. The wireless transmission between the patient side units and the A3.Criti.Serve is encrypted and the server access also follows security protocols for patient data protection.

The A3.Criti.Serve serves as a

  • Patient data warehouse server
  • Communication server
  • Diagnostics server
  • Interface to other healthcare systems
  • Analytics server
  • Live ECG server
  • Visualization server

  • Several More Unique Products based on A3’s intellectual property.


The A3.Criti.Confer, enables wireless Live Audio/Video transmission with its patient side units. It will offer all the capabilities of A3.CritiView series along with Live Audio/Video of the patient. With its ability to capture and transmit bioelectric and physiological signals of the patient along with live audio/video, this particular series will be most complete and advanced offering in tele-cardiology space.


In medical situations where the doctor needs additional medical parameters, this series solutions can offer additional parameters like BP, temperature, SpO2 and other vitals .The hardware components can be seamlessly plugged with any of the A3.CritiView, A3.Criti.Stream and A3.Criti.Confer series solutions to provide a comprehensive view of the patient condition. In the realm of remote patient monitoring, this solution series when combined with A3.CritiView series creates our most comprehensive telemedicine solution offering for diagnostics. It is possible to customize the set of parameters which can be measured with A3.Criti.360.

A3.Criti.Stream: Ability to observe live ECG on doctor’s mobile.

A3.Ambulatory: Support for mobile, precision ECG collection in a moving ambulatory / van environment.
A3.Criti.DSS : Diagnostic Support System
A3.Criti.Insight : Visualization of Heart rate variability

Several More Unique Products based on A3’s intellectual property.
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