Advanced Technology Services offered by A3:

A3's technical capabilities are basis for a slew of proven advanced technical services which are typically high-value-add types.

Research and Development

A3 undertakes contract research in areas of:

  • Wireless Technologies
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Advanced Data Analysis using Data Mining Algorithms
  • Mobile Technologies
  • RFID
  • Water Marking
  • Surveillance with Event Detection
  • Digital Signal Processing including Video Processing

Technology Program / Contract Management Services

A3 acts as a single point contact for the full product development. It involves single point customer interaction, understanding product requirements, identifying most suitable vendors, integrating works of various vendors, project management and testing.

Turnkey Product Development

A3 carries out full product development itself in areas of Wireless technology, Advanced Data Analysis and Algorithms.

Technology & Product Evaluation Assignment

A3 evaluates various technologies and products for certain application, and come out with comparative report with recommendation.

Idea Generation

A3 helps clients to generate various ideas resulting in IP, inventions and white papers.

A3 RMT brings domain expertise
A3 RMT helps in idea generation
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