A3’s solutions enable an overall medico-business model whereby, all stakeholders, including the health care providing institutions, doctors and the patients(“common man”) benefit. The A3’s solutions have been validated medically though a proper, scientific multi-year trial runs. Till date several thousand’s of patients have benefited and a few hundred lives have been saved and several in counting in our mission “TOWARDS SAVING A MILLION LIVES”.

A3 currently has live installations with many large organizations in India, each with a different application scenarios powered by A3’s solutions and large number of pilots are underway for unique medical scenarios that can be currently addressed only with A3 innovations. Some example installations are:

Installations Testimonials

1. Top Cardiologist, Mumbai: When we see the photograph of the patient, we know whether the patient is in severe agony or whether the patient is comfortable, whether having breathlessness we can make out from the muscle, what sort of distress the patient is in. If the patient is in acute severe pain the facial expression will be different. The photograph of the patient with an ECG speaks a thousand words. We have saved more than 30 Patients life.

2. Top Cardiologist, Mumbai: Apart from the indoor and OPD facilities the hospital is also associated with large number of industries for the pre-employment, annual / periodic medical checkups. It is also on the panel of almost all insurance companies for conducting pre-policy health checkups. “The application of A3 Biomed for the insurance sector is very important as it will eliminate the TAT time.” The ECG once taken can be immediately uploaded on the server which can be accessed by the medical underwriters of the respective insurance companies with the password. “The above ECG can also be stored in digital format or soft format permanently unlike the current ECG which are taken on a thermal paper and tend to fade out within months.” “There is also an enhanced option of selecting a specific lead and filtering the disturbances if any which can’t be done in the current conventional machines.” This machine itself is better in a conventional way than any of the other ECG machines I have used. Till date we have collected more than several thousand patient’s record.

3.Founder, NPO for Healthcare: We are proud to be associated with the A3's Team as they have enabled citizens living in a remote rural location of India to access prompt diagnostics facility to track cardiology related reports at the most affordable cost. Ours is a not for profit organization, working in rural India which has installed the technology in a hospital located in a village in State of Uttar Pradesh, India. The objective of the facility is to enable patients to scan their health status and take corrective measures on time to avoid expenditure on treatment and also risk of life due to ignorance and inaccessibility of the diagnostic facility at an affordable cost. It has immensely benefited those citizens who live below the poverty line (BPL) and are denied quality healthcare at their door-step and made to travel several hundred kilometers to seek such hospitals and facilities. All the results are promptly transmitted to a city hospital from where the diagnosis is sent back by the expert doctors for treatment. This has also facilitated avoidance of visiting City Hospital located several hundred kilometers away just for a routine check-up. This device is extremely useful in terms of saving time & money of the Patients and has provided prompt service at a very reasonable cost.

4. CEO of SINE, IITB: The First mover advantage that they have in the market it will take 2years for somebody to catch up with them.

5. Minister of Consumer Affairs, India: This development is a great example of what the research and development department can achieve in providing quality healthcare.

6. Head – Product Management, Anonymous: The ECG solution is perfectly suited for the paramedic market & will definitely save lives.

7. Hospital Administrator: In my 14 years of experience in Health Care Industry this is for the first time I have got an opportunity to work with such a hi-tech machine-Remote Patient Monitoring system.. I really like the Machine and especially the concept and functionality of the A3.CritiView. I would like to share some of the best features which I have observed while using the A-3.CritiView:

  • A-3.CritiView is Very easy to start as well as operate.
  • Very Important Patient Name & Identification on Graph itself
  • Facility of sending ECG to Any Doctor immediately through SMS, MMS, Email which helped Doctors to start treatment immediately even in his absence & which really can save much of time and many lives.
  • Excellent printing option , we need not take print on thermal paper on which ECG fades after sum time we can take the printout of ECG on students graph paper or any A4 size paper which will also visible for the life time..
  • Battery backup is also very good
  • A-3.Critiview is 100% suitable to use anywhere we have used it in our hospital, for home visit’s & for rural camps etc. The performance of the machine is excellent.
  • Doctors, technicians & patients as well, all are happy and satisfied with this new unique, technology called A3.CritiView.
Customer references can be provided upon request.

A private "911" Style Service, the first one of its type in Asia, where a patient can call a toll free number in suburbs of Mumbai covering a population of 4+ million and a paramedic arrives at the patient location with our portable A3.CritiView Series unit. The diagnosis is obtained in a few minutes which enables an intervention in Golden Hour after the heart attack e.g. This service can potentially save lives as it has already proven numerous times. The service is running successfully for over three years now.

A prestigious Indian national NGO in collaboration with a leading heart institute in India has undertaken largest statistical study of CVD diseases in rural population with A3 technology platform. Pilot phase that includes 11 villages covering population base of 10,000 people has been successfully initiated.

Installations in ICU/ICCU/OPD from where the Vital Parameters are transmitted to the concerned doctor who may not be present in the Hospital.

Ambulance based EMS powered by A3 platform for one of the largest religious gatherings (millions of people in southern India) in South India.

Healthcare Camps:

  • Industrial
  • Rural
  • NGO
  • Corporate
  • Government employees
    like police forces

Hub & Spoke Model

Corporate Hospitals acts as Hub & Primary Care Hospitals or nursing homes act as spokes at different Locations. The medical records of the patients from the spokes (communities) arrive on the mobile phones of the doctors affiliated with the hubs.

Check-ups for BPL (Below Poverty Line) Patients organized by a Government Hospital.

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