About us

The novel approaches and the complementary set of technologies devised by A3 have successfully overcome the real-life challenges (low bandwidth, unreliable networks, low skills, harsh operating environments, economic constraints, and the need for a high degree of usability) present in emerging and even advanced markets. In case of life threatening conditions, the above characteristics are not just “nice to have” but an absolute necessity. In addition, these solutions need to integrate well with the real-life medical, social and economic conditions. These stringent solution characteristics have actually been addressed by A3. The solutions have been cleverly product-engineered with a right set of features and subtleties. This was made possible in part because of the fresh thinking brought forth by A3. In addition A3 was able to realize its solution vision because of the state-of-art technologies it has developed, supported in part by the R & D capabilities of its academic collaborations with premier technology institute in India.

A3 innovations have not only brought tremendous clinical efficiencies for medical practitioners but they have also proven their efficacy on thousands of patients who have benefited with its diagnosis in critical, emergency and life threatening conditions.

A3 solutions have been proven in a diverse range of application scenarios and as expected have actually saved hundreds of lives. This track record is steadily helping us realize the corporate vision “TOWARD SAVING A MILLION LIVES” globally!

Dr. S. N. Merchant

Dr. S. N. Merchant is a professor in Dept. of EE, IIT Bombay. He has received his B.Tech, M. Tech, and PhD degrees all from Dept. of EE, IIT Bombay. He has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and research. Dr. Merchant has made significant contributions in the field of signal processing and its applications. His noteworthy contributions have been in solving state of the art signal and image processing problems faced by Indian defense. His broad area of research interests are signal and image processing, multimedia communication, wireless sensor networks and wireless communications, and has published extensively in these areas. He has been chief investigator for a number of sponsored and consultancy projects. He has served as a consultant to both private industries and defense organizations. Dr. Merchant is a reviewer for many leading international and national journals and conferences. He is a fellow of IETE. He is a recipient of 10th Prof. S.V.C. Aiya Memorial award for excellence in Telecom for his contribution in the field of detection and tracking.


Dr. Sandip K. Rane

Dr. Sandip K. Rane is an Interventional Cardiologist at Fortis hospital, Director & Chief Promoter at Jupiter hospital and Rane hospital. He has served as honorary cardiologist at Jaslok hospital and Asian Heart Institute. As an Interventional Cardiologist, he routinely performs Complex angioplasties with specialization in - Primary Angioplasties, Chronic Total Occlusions, Carotid Angioplasty, and Renal Angioplasty. He has performed more than 2000 angioplasties - Coronary & Peripheral. He has developed and patented Angioplasty Balloon; Developed a new technique for venous graft occlusion approved by ethics committee and will be First in Man (Unpublished), Developing novel techniques to open up chronic total occlusion. He has been actively involved in various clinical trials since 2004. He is a postgraduate teacher in cardiology presently having students for DNB - Cardiology and involved in training Post graduates in Cardiology. He was trained in Complex Angioplasties at Cleveland Clinic and in Aortic Aneurysms in Germany.



Dr. Shraddha K Talati

Dr. Shraddha K Talati has 36 years of medical experience and practices in Obstetrics & Gynecology in TX, USA. Dr. Talati was educated at the Seth G.S. Medical College, Mumbai, India and New York Infirmary, USA, in surgery and Obstetrics & Gynecology.


Dr. Hasmukh Shah

Dr. Hasmukh Shah has 60 years of medical experience and is well known Cardiothoracic Surgeon from Dallas, TX, USA. He was educated at the Topiwala National Medical College,Mumbai, India and NPT, New York as a surgeon and Baylor Medical, Dallas, TX, USA.


Dr. Sreeram Sistla

Dr. Sreeram Sistla is a CEO at Sankara Eye Care Institutions India. He has been Medical Director at Global Securex before that and Sr. Consultant at Trifecta Health Care Solutions, Sr. Partner EM Learning & Research at GVK EMRI. One of his specialty is in the area of Strategic Consulting, Strategy development in operations Health Care and EMS Solutions. He received his medical degree from Nagarjun University and then his PGDHM, Health Management from IIHMR. He is a nationally recognized expert on telemedicine and a visionary behind 108 concept and to a significant degree responsible for its success.



Vivek Padgaonkar

Vivek Padgaonkar is a director of Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India. He has 30 years of experience in pharma industry. He was with GSK India for over 24 years in Sales and Marketing of different therapeutic areas, at different places in the country. Before that for over 3 years he was at Elder Healthcare . Where he was responsible for the launch of Eldermis - Derma division of Elder and Uriage - French subsidiary. He also held a position as head marketing at Wallace and was responsible for launch of Wallace Rivela- A derma division.

He is also visiting faculty at NMIMS and various Management Schools in India. He serves on the Board of studies at NMIMS.

He has masters in Analytical Chemistry and DMS ( Mumbai University) Rank Holder, Dip in T & D ( ISTD , New Delhi) ( Gold Medal), Professional Selling Skills ( LI, USA). He is a recipient of prestigious Kulpati K M Munshi Award and Watumull Foundation Award.

Mr. Anil Kamat

Mr. Anil Kamat is the founder and chairman at Esemcee.He is a senior advisor in strategic management, healthcare and hospitals management, organizational development and finance.

Mr. Anil V. Kamath was the senior vice president of business development and managing director of Wockhardt, Ltd. His responsibilities included operations of non-metro hospitals and the corporate functions of business development, finance, supply-chain & information technology. Mr. Kamath also served as the senior vice president of DCW Home Products Limited, the executive vice president of Blue Star Limited and vice president - finance of Unichem Labs Limited. Mr. Kamath has over 30 years of experience in the field of finance and management.

Mr. Kamath twice has won the vice president of the year award in his seven years at Blue Star Limited and has been awarded the Chairman's Team Citation and the Chairman's Award for Excellence in Team Performance. He is a Fellow Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

He also teaches at the various management forums.
He holds B.com(Hons), FCA, Chartered Accountancy, and has an Executive Management Program degree from University of Michgan, Ann Arbor,USA.


Aditya Ajmera

Aditya Ajmera is CEO and director at Chimco Bio-Medical Engineering Co. Mumbai, India. CBME has been providing the new and emerging medical technologies to the Indian medical fraternity and thus help the

needy patient’s community in the country over the past 30 years.

He is also consultant international sales at Q.Light, consultant international sales at Magnetodyn, CEO at Stosswelle Healthcare Pvt.Ltd.

He received his formal education from Mumbai University.


Dr. Uday Desai

Dr. Uday B. Desai

Prof Uday B. Desai is an original founder of the company. He specializes in Wireless Communication, Biomedical signal and Image processing, Signal and image processing and adaptive signal processing, computer vision, wavelets and multi-resolution analysis, artificial neural networks.

Presently, he is the director of IIT Hyderabad. He was the director, Hewlett-Packard - IIT-Madras R & D Lab and professor, IIT – Bombay. Before that he was an associate Professor at Washington State University. He has been visiting professors at various prestigious international universities such as EPFL-Lausanne, Switzerland, Arizona State University, Purdue University and Stanford University. He has claims to various distinctive positions like Fellow -INSA (Indian National Science Academy), Fellow -INAE (Indian National Academy of Engineering), Fellow - IETE (Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers), associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, general co-chair for the Sixth Int Conference on Computer vision. ISCAS 2002: Int Liaison for Asia Pacific, and Tech program co-chair., Editor for EURASIP Signal Processing journal Member, Technical Advisory Board, Microsoft Research – India

Dr. Desai has served as consultant to Citi Bank, Tata Infotech, Cirrus Logic, General Electric, Analog Devices, Aquila Technologies, Analog Devices, and Cradle Technologies.

He holds PhD from Johns Hopkins University, USA, and, M.S. from SUNY, NY, USA and, B. Tech. from (IIT).


Dr. Shrikant N. Parikh

Dr. Shrikant N. Parikh is an original founder of the company and serves as its CEO and director. He is based in Mumbai, India. He also guides the business direction, product engineering and technical initiatives of the company. Dr.Parikh brings almost 3 decades of international experience as a technocrat from global corporate world, entrepreneur, strategist and inventor.

He has cofounded two other pioneering technology companies: InfoAlive (India) and Globe-Ranger Corp (USA). Before that he served as a business executive of IBM and a senior R/D member of IBM (USA) R/D lab. He has guided development of and shipped several successful products with involvement in all key aspects of product engineering and launch. He has also served other technology companies in senior capacity in USA. For IBM, he has also handled business development initiatives. In his long career, he has also been a program manager, a large accounts manager and a senior consultant. As an inventor he holds 33 international patents and has published over 55 invention disclosures.

He serves as a mentor for other high-tech entrepreneurial companies and a company director. He has trained senior managers in technology management topics and serves as an adjunct international professor and a program architect for a top-10 business school of India.

He holds PhD. (SMU, US), M.S. (U.of Texas at Arlington, USA), B.E. (Hons, VJTI, Bombay University, India). He is listed in several editions of Who’s Who.

Dr.Parikh takes a deep, active interest in NGO activities focusing on rural India. His appreciation and concern for rural world has often guided his products, entrepreneurial ventures and inventions. He has organized multiple national/international conferences and job fairs for disadvantaged young professionals.


Dr. Sunil D. Lakdawala

Dr. Sunil D. Lakdawala is an original founder of the company and serves as its COO, CFO and director. He is based in Mumbai, India. He also guides the product engineering and technical initiatives of the company. Dr. Lakdawala has almost 3 decades of experience in managing large domain group, managing large international projects, IT consultancy and research.

He has set up and managed a large software product group (top 3 in the segment world-wide) as a profit centre, with 120+ Marketing Executives, Project Managers, Software Engineers and Quality Manager. He has managed large international Projects with varied technology, customers (USA, Europe-UK, Germany, Middle-east, Asia - India, Malaysia) and methodology. He has also set up and managed large quality practice group. He has rich experience in various quality initiatives like SEI-CMM, ISO.

He holds M.S., M.Phil and Ph.D. from Yale University, USA and M.Sc. from IIT, Bombay, India.


Dr.Vandana Parikh

PhD (SIU, USA) is a Vice President of Business Development. As a technocrat, she has assisted in launching, marketing and developing entrepreneurial organizations and managed technical programs. She has over 30 years of state-of-art experience in life sciences/biotech, 16 of which were in spent in USA. She has consulted for pharma/bio-tech organizations. As a research scientist from UTSWMRCD (one of top ten medical centers in USA), she has published several high quality papers in top international journals such as Science. Her research breakthroughs have set stage for much larger research initiatives in the field. A breakthrough discovery of “Retrograde Pathways” is considered a seminal achievement. She also takes a deep interest in NGO activities focusing on rural India.